Cracking Charity Chat: Ep. 8. Karl Wilding on The Voluntary Sector

I recently caught up with Karl Wilding, Director of Policy and Volunteering at NCVO, We covered a lot so this episode of the podcast is a little longer than the others. You’re probably already following Karl on Twitter so you know the deal – he knows a ridiculous amount about the sector.

We talk about:

  • NCVO: what it does and how
  • Trust in charities, how that conversation is playing out across the sector and how we should approach it
  • The challenges of being a membership organisation representation of members versus leading members through change
  • Diversity in relation to the Comic Relief / Stacey Dooley saga
  • Grant-making: how funders strengthen or drain charities and some initiatives and practices that are seeking to address this

The highlights for me:

  • Trust in charities. We need to make changes to our practice and then demonstrate these changes (as has been done via fundraising regulation) rather than simply broadcasting to the public
  • Knowing when to contribute to a conversation. Do you have the expertise to make a meaningful contribution? Paraphrasing a bit here, but useful to consider when you have Twitter open on your phone and you see the Daily Mail has published something negative about the sector *again*
  • Grant-making information. A chat about funders building capacity versus draining charities’ resources through their funding model, and a few people and resources to have a look at.

A few things you might want to have a look at:


You can listen on SoundCloud,  iTunes. I hope you enjoy it – if so, do share on social media and I’d love to hear your feedback.


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