Cracking Charity Chat: Ep. 7. Kate Collins at Teenage Cancer Trust

Last week, on World Cancer Day I had the absolute pleasure of chatting with Kate Collins, CEO at Teenage Cancer Trust. I hadn’t met Kate before and contacted her cold about the podcast as she has a reputation for being brilliant and lovely. I can confirm that I found both to be true!

We covered:

  • Kate’s journey at Teenage Cancer Trust and the growth of the organisation
  • Strategy
  • Collaboration
  • Teenage Cancer Trust’s amazing musical heritage
  • How the organisation responds to high profile stories of individuals with cancer

The standout point for me was around the organisation’s culture. My experience was that the feel that you get from the organisation’s communications (positive and uplifting messaging, while not shying away from the difficulties of teenage cancer) is exactly what you feel when you walk through the door, and when you meet Kate and other members of the team. Kate says that they talk about Teenage Cancer Trust as being like a family, and that rings true. This is epitomised in our chat around how the organisation responded to Stephen Sutton’s story; they responded like people.

So if you’re interested in developing an organisational culture that is forward thinking, nurturing and positive, maybe this one is a good one for you.

You can listen on SoundCloud or iTunes . If you like it, please rate or review – thanks!

P.S. They’ve just announced their comedy line up at the Royal Albert Hall on 26 March. Get your tickets here.

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