Cracking Charity Chat Podcast: Ep. 1. Community Fundraising

I’m delighted to launch my new podcast, Cracking Charity Chat – Learning from the Leaders.

In the first episode I spoke with Marie Peacock, Head of Income Development at Candlelighters – the Yorkshire-wide children’s cancer charity – about community fundraising.

Marie has a wealth of experience in this area and shone a light on how to do community well, and in particular how to go about it when there may be sensitivities around engaging your priority audience in fundraising.

I enjoyed hearing Marie talk about how she identifies and nurtures community fundraising talent at Candlelighters, the growing role of digital, and why a grounding in community fundraising sets you up for a fantastic career in other types of fundraising.

Some of the learnings that I took away were:

  • Supporter journeys needn’t be complicated. At the core of this is simply making sure that supporters have what they need and are thanked.
  • Community fundraisers are exceptionally flexible. The role is so broad that you learn about finance, press and media, fundraising regulations…and everything else!
  • Social media is changing the face of community fundraising. Engaging with people online as soon as they show an interest is essential to converting likes and comments into action.

Listen to the podcast on my website or through SoundCloud or iTunes.

Episode 2 will be out early in October and I’ll be speaking with Joe Jenkins from The Children’s Society.  Follow me on SoundCloud or Twitter to make sure you don’t miss it!




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