Funding Training

I’m excited to start offering my own open training courses, right here in my home town of Sheffield, in March and April 2020. If you’d like to have a chat with me before booking, I’d love to hear from you. Please do get in touch.

New Year, New Funding: Strategy and Income Diversification
09.00 – 16.00, Tuesday 17 March 2020
Harland Works, Sheffield S2 4QU

A full-day course that will give participants the skills, knowledge and confidence to:

  • analyse their own funding
  • think about where to diversify and how to approach it
  • start to write a funding strategy.

We’ll use key strategic tools, a funding strategy template (that you’ll adapt and tailor) and have lots of chat so that we make the most of the experience of everyone in the room and for people to put their thinking into real outcomes on the day.

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The venue was sponsored by Pizza for Losers, the event dedicated to helping charities and fundraisers learn from failure. Join us for an afternoon of top charity speakers sharing their personal experience with failure. Be inspired by their story, invigorated by their honesty, and determined to make a change after what they teach you from their own experience. Pizza for Losers will be coming to Sheffield June 3rd, 2020 with speakers including Lucy Caldicott, Ruth Ibegbuna and Tahera Mayat, plus many more!


Developing your Case for Support Toolkit
09.00 – 13.00, Tuesday 21 April 2020
Harland Works, Sheffield S2 4QU

If you find yourself reinventing the wheel and writing similar but different information for high value funding proposals over and over again, this is the session for you! A traditional two-page Case for Support isn’t much use when you need detailed service or programme information, which is why I work with organisations to create Case for Support Toolkits.

This practical session will help you to:

  • articulate your purpose – your ‘why’ – and the difference that you make
  • consider what your elevator pitch could be
  • start putting together a detailed toolkit, comprising a consistent and compelling narrative for your organisation – and all the fiddly bits that high value funders ask for too!

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Corporate Partnerships for Social Change
09.00 – 13.00, Tuesday 28 April 2020
Harland Works, Sheffield S2 4QU

Looking for money from business? I’d argue that’s the wrong way to approach corporate partnerships. Come along to this half-day session to start thinking about:

  • what your charity’s proposition for businesses could be – with your organisation’s purpose and values at the fore
  • how to identify and initiate relationships with businesses
  • how to collaborate to achieve social change.

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