Cracking Charity Chat Podcast

Cracking Charity Chat – Learning from the Leaders

Cracking Charity Chat is a podcast for voluntary sector folk who want to hear from senior colleagues across the sector – those who are among the best in their area.

Thought leaders and people with a unique story.

Guests to date include: Karl Wilding (NCVO), Kate Collins (Teenage Cancer Trust), James Jopling (Samaritans Scotland), Joe Jenkins (Children Society) and Nick Temple (Social Investment Business) to name a few.

Each podcast aims to:

  • Give examples of how things have worked in practice.
  • Demonstrate how good leaders approach the given subject area.
  • Provide top tips that people can apply in their organisation.

You can listen on Spotify, SoundCloud or iTunes. 

Follow me on those platforms or on Twitter to hear when new episodes go live. You can also subscribe to my blog by clicking ‘Follow blog via email’ under the menu of this website.

Want to be a guest? A few things to note

I’ve had quite a few PR people get in touch. Thanks. However, I choose all my guests myself and don’t want to promote anything or work to media deadlines. However, if you’re an individual at the top of your game and have some good chat, do drop me a line and we’ll see if we can meet.

Most recent episode

Fidelis Nava hosts episode 23, chatting with Barrie Hodge, Head of Fundraising and Marketing at St Basils, a homelessness charity in the West Midlands. They chat about transitioning from a career as a commercial radio producer to a fundraising and communications leader; the importance of empathy, especially considering the impact of the coronavirus these past 12 months; and the pros and cons of PowerPoint in your fundraising and comms activities – resulting in an avoid where possible perspective from Barrie.

8 thoughts on “Cracking Charity Chat Podcast

  1. My name is Lizzie Jenkins and I just want to say that Vicki Dawson is a pretty amazing woman in her own right all she needed was the confidence to realise that. I am very proud to have worked alongside her, she didn’t mention the hours and hours that she worked in her own time! From deepest darkest Cornwalll

  2. I am a bit of a loan ranger, solo fundraiser for a charity in a remote area of New Zealand having moved here from the UK. I love staying connected with the fundraising world through your podcast. It’s keeping me sane and on track. Thank you Beth!

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