Cracking Charity Chat Podcast

Cracking Charity Chat – Learning from the Leaders

Cracking Charity Chat was a podcast for voluntary sector folk who want to hear from senior colleagues across the sector – those who are among the best in their area.

Thought leaders and people with a unique story.

Guests included: Kate Collins (Teenage Cancer Trust), James Jopling (Samaritans Scotland, now BHF Scotland), Joe Jenkins (Children Society),  Nick Temple (Social Investment Business) and Paul Streets (Lloyds Bank Foundation) to name a few.

Each podcast aimed to:

  • Give examples of how things have worked in practice.
  • Demonstrate how good leaders approach the given subject area.
  • Provide top tips that people can apply in their organisation.

I stopped recording the podcast in early 2021 but the topics I covered in them were big ones, so the content is still relevant. And it’s all from brilliant leaders across the sector, so well worth a listen. 

You can listen on Spotify, SoundCloud or iTunes. 

8 thoughts on “Cracking Charity Chat Podcast

  1. My name is Lizzie Jenkins and I just want to say that Vicki Dawson is a pretty amazing woman in her own right all she needed was the confidence to realise that. I am very proud to have worked alongside her, she didn’t mention the hours and hours that she worked in her own time! From deepest darkest Cornwalll

  2. I am a bit of a loan ranger, solo fundraiser for a charity in a remote area of New Zealand having moved here from the UK. I love staying connected with the fundraising world through your podcast. It’s keeping me sane and on track. Thank you Beth!

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