Cracking Charity Chat. Ep 16. Simon Scriver

Episode 16 with Simon Scriver of Change Fundraising, chatting small charity fundraising and conference refreshments, plus some general wittering.

Includes some new features – intro format and song!

If you’re familiar with UK or Canadian fundraising , you’ll probably have seen Simon speak or had a chuckle at some of his stuff on the Twitter. The focus of this podcast was intended to be on small charity fundraising, but I think pretty much all of it is relevant to larger organisations too.

We cover:

  1. Relationship fundraising. Developing relationships across your organisation so that anyone who answers the phone to a potential supporter can give them a great experience. Simon does a great live phone call in his conference sessions which brings this to life and is worth seeing if you can get along to one.
  2. Corporate partnerships. There may be some anti-capitalist ranting involved, plus some good tips.
  3. Don’t copy the big charities. If you’re small, why you shouldn’t try to be like the big charities.
  4. Conference refreshments. Remember back in 2016 when people seemed to forget about social injustice, war and poverty and totally lost their shit because the BBC said it was closing the BBC Food website? Turns out that people feel strongly about charity conference food too.

Simon doesn’t miss an opportunity to talk about Finance Managers either – see his blog on how they might be ruining your fundraising.

Key takeaways:

  1. Culture of relationship fundraising. Develop your organisation’s understanding of fundraising being about relationships and not the ask.
  2. Understand your audience. Understand corporate objectives in order to develop strong partnership proposal and going in listening mode. You might like my blog on corporate fundraising – where to start? 
  3. Don’t copy the biggies. Small charities have the local relevance that some of the biggies might struggle to harness. Own it.
  4. Conference food. Deal with it.
  5. Bread were brilliant. Check out the Werthers advert that Simon mentions.


I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed recording. It’s on SoundCloud and  iTunes. I’d love to hear your feedback and would really appreciate it if you can be bothered to rate it!







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