Cracking Charity Chat Podcast: Ep. 2. Supporter Relationships in the New World

A couple of weeks ago I met with Joe Jenkins at The Children’s Society to talk all things supporter relationships for the second episode of my podcast, Cracking Charity Chat.

The podcast offers some great insight into fundraising from individuals over the past 20 years and where we are now. It tackles some of the thorny issues around changing the traditional model of direct marketing which has enabled charities to recruit, upgrade and shift people onto committed gifts at scale, and offers some brilliant insight into positioning life time value (LTV) within your organisation and measuring it in meaningful way.

Learning you might take from the podcast includes:

  • Telling your story authentically to different audiences.
  • Some of the internal challenges that hinder you in telling your story.
  • How to shift from the ROI obsession at direct marketing level and make LTV a strategic priority for the organisation.

And yes, Axl Rose the puppy gets a brief mention.

Listen on my website, SoundCloud or iTunes– and follow me on those platforms and Twitter to make sure you don’t miss future episodes.


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